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Dry Fodder

Dry Fodder - 25 KG Bag

₹ 320

Nutrition Fodder

Nutrition Fodder - 25 Kg of A-Grade fodder

₹ 540

Cow Adoption

Adopt a cow for the whole month to take care of their needs

₹ 2500

Samohika Go- Daana

Offer Go- Dana and Visit Goshala, Pooja will be performed on your behalf(Attend Virtually if not ...

₹ 2000

Campaign Details

Neelavara gaushala is maintained by Govardhan Giri trust Udupi. Shree Vishvesha Tirtha Swamiji and Shree Vishva Prasanna Thirtha Swamiji with the intention to protect the cows have established this charitable institution. The old cows are sent to slaughter house and the male are not taken care.These cows are being protected and taken care here. Rehabilitation for wounded and old cows is done.

The trust manages a huge GOSHALA in which 1500+ cows saved from slaughter houses are protected with care and devotion. It is located in Neelavara 18 kms from Udupi. Kodavur a small hamlet near Udupi, Karnataka, is providing shelter for aged cows from several years on a land spread over 2 acres. As the number of cows brought to this goshala increased, the Neelavara Goshala was started. Shri Shri Pejavara Adhokshatha Matha Swamiji Poojyashree Shri Shri Vishwaprasanna Theertha Swamiji has taken invaluable efforts to set up a GOSHALA at Neelavara near Udupi, on an area of 35 acres, a unique place for neglected cows and cows in pitiable status.

Donate Best has launched a campaign for Neelavara Goshala to provide fodder for cows. We request donors to provide Material or Cash based donation for the campaign.

Donate Best - Do Your Best

Beneficiary Details

Govardhanagiri Trust, a unit of Sri Pejawara Adhokshajha Matha, Car street, Udupi , D.Karnataka 576101,INDIA.

Manager:-+91 96864 76217




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